CommuDesk: QMS

Quality Management System

Enforce high standards for your projects with our management system

Discover The CommuDesk: QMS Suite

From construction to post-handover support, our Quality Management System is designed to give you and your team full control over your projects

Commudesk: QMS​

Our premier quality management system, CommuDesk QMS allows you to stay up to date on your project’s progress, track any issues that needs addressing, and perform the unit handover for projects that are ready to be delivered

CommuDesk: QMS Owner

Targeted towards unit owners, CommuDesk QMS Owner provides them with an effective way to book appointments and lodge issues, allowing for a smoother experience for both parties

Why Choose CommuDesk: QMS?

Real Time Data

Get real time updates on all aspects of your project no matter where you are

Post-Handover Support

Stay on top of your customers’ needs as our QMS features a series of support functionalities


Got an app of your own? Our QMS has an API that can be integrated to your app

Data Visualisation

Key information is displayed using easy-to-understand visuals, allowing for quicker decision making

Business Intelligence Integration

Get detailed reports on your projects as our QMS supports integration with Salesforce, Qlik and more

Offline Functionality

No connection, no problem. QMS is still functional even without an active internet connection

How Does CommuDesk: QMS Work For You?

Property Developers

Track and monitor the status of your projects in real time via floor plans, charts and more


Receive and review issues that are lodged by either the developers or the unit owners and proceed to rectify them


Perform the inspection and handoff process directly from the QMS app itself

Unit Owner

Schedule appointments and lodge issues relating to their unit via the QMS Owner app

Interested to find out if CommuDesk: QMS works for you?

Reach out to us today and we’ll help you set up a free demo session with our QMS

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