QMS Owner

Connecting unit owners to you

How QMS Owner Can Help

Lodge Issues

Give your unit owners the ability to lodge issues about their units using QMS Owner

Appointment Management

Unit owners can now set up appointments with your team via the built-in appointment tool

Post-Handover Support

The journey doesn’t end at once the handover is done. Unit owners may reach out to you for further assistance thanks to the app’s post-handover tools

Here’s What QMS Owner Has To Offer

Visual Plan Viewer

Make the progress on your projects more transparent. QMS Owner’s Visual Plan Viewer gives unit owners more info about the status of their projects.

Appointment Management

Stay in constant communication with the unit owners. QMS Owner’s Appointment Manager lets unit owners schedule an appointment with you to learn more about the project’s progress.

Handover Management

Streamline the handover process further. With QMS Owner’s Handover Manager feature, the Handover process can now be done without additional paperwork required by both you and the unit owner.

Post-Handover Support

Completing the unit handover is just the start of the unit owner’s journey. QMS Owner’s suite of post-handover support tools gives them the ability to reach out to you for further assistance.

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